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Chief Brand Consultant, and Designer

Bianca Brown

How will you package your Vision?

When it comes to ideas for events, products, and services, there is no shortage in our world. "Seems" like there is always someone creating something new (keyword here is "seems"). So many ideas that seem to overlap each other...yet so many of them are necessary and actually successful! Most people question is "How do you present your service, product, or event if everyone is doing something similar? VALID QUESTION! During my colorful experience in the branding world, I have learned that for some people just entering (or upping the


 anty) this can be a bit overwhelming. Most people result to trying to follow popular trends, and overanalyzing their ideas, and some people throw in the towel because they just don't know how to get the word out about their offers. Truth is... Nothing is new under the sun (courtesy of Ecclesiastes 1:9). So how do we make familiar products sell in a market of similarity? This is where I come in at. We package and differentiate by branding!


As a visionary myself, I have learned firsthand that nothing is more valuable than another perspective. However, the best perspective is from someone skilled in the art of solving the problem. As you Brand or Re-brand, you want to have access to someone who can help you sort through and Identify the vision fulfilled, prioritize the selling point focus, and help you to create a visual brand that will attract your audience. 

That's what I do... and I can do it for you!


You dream and I connect the 



How I discovered the Power of Branding.

This could be a very obvious answer being that I was formally trained and received a degree in the field of Corporate Communication from the University of Houston-Downtown. However, when I began I thought that it would give me more articulation and help me to develop my messages... and it did. Even more than the development of messages, I actually learned that the way in which we use a communication channel/platform to communicate the message is more important than what we are actually saying! 

This revelation became even more emboldened in my corporate role as a Business Development Manager for a National mid-size firm in Houston, Tx. My sole responsibility became asking for top-level contracts all around the metropolitan area. In such an overwhelmingly competitive industry, I quickly learned that the only differentiating factor was "the way" in which I approached my perspective collaborations, how they perceived me, and how I created continuity across the board (Consistency is a virtue and a key to positioning yourself). I then realized that if I would have any success, I would have to package what I had in a way that those I wanted to attract would welcome my offers with open arms!

With all of my experience, I can tell you that people are paying more attention to your package than they are to the message. Actually, your package acts as the invitation to listen!


Now as a Brand Consultant, I utilize that same experience, along with all of the knowledge I have learned along the way to drive this point home to my clients and their audience. I have always been the person (even as a kid) constantly observing who someone or what an organization had to give. More than observation, the consultant in me wants to know what the organization can be, and more importantly, who a person can be! My constant question is How can we optimize to create more success?

Branding is not just about pretty things... it's about a package that attracts your potential and helps you to show up as the best version at that time!  

Christ Believer,
, Fashion Enthusiast, Photography Amature, Coffee connoisseur, Roady and Slight- Hippie


The most important aspect of my life has been to get to know God with all of my heart and be a Mom to my son "Kenneth -the great". The other roles are just extras and I never miss a moment to enjoy them!

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